Skepplanda – Lödöse

From Skepplanda church, the trail leads down towards a churchyard where there are very few graves. The churchyard had to be abandoned because the ground conditions were unsuitable. The trail continues up to the village of Frövet. On the hill, close to the trail, you will see an ancient barrow called “Krulles grav” and a cairn on Grötås. The old church track from Frövet winds through the forest to Alvhems Kungsgård. Outside this former demesne stands the largest tree in the area, a lime tree.  

Jätteberget (Giant Rock) with its historical rock carvings are one kilometre to the west. Leaving the golf course, the trail continues along paths and lanes and crosses the railway line and motorway at Hede. You shortly reach a good resting point on the right of the trail with a view across Gårdaån valley. From here you can make a detour through Pingstalund, an area of natural beauty, to Tingberg’s Hill and Galgekullen (Gallows Hill), which was once an execution site.

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