• Olofsmärke

Nylöse – Rannebergen

The Lödöse trail begins at Nylöse church. The trail leads past some apartment buildings, a sports complex and a school before joining another trail that heads towards Kortedala. It ascends steeply in the beginning. When you reach the top, you are well rewarded for your efforts by a magnificent panoramic view of Gothenburg. As the walk continues, it offers several vantage points with splendid views across Gothenburg.
Places of interest. Nylöse to Kortedala
The trail winds along the skirts of Kortedala, Gothen-burg’s first modern suburb whose development began in the mid 1950s. Visitors to Adventsvägen 1 will find a museum called “Two rooms and one kitchen”, depicting a typical apartment as it looked in the 1950s. www.kortedala.museum At Kortedala fire station, the trail continues past an access road from the E45 motor-way, which leads steeply up towards Kortedala. This hill has always been known locally as “Burma Hill”.

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