Nol – Skepplanda

The trail between the marina in Nol and Älvängen follows the service road alongside the railway. The local authority made the wise decision to make it a public cycle and footpath. This picturesque route leads past a high rock where a large spruce and some rhododendron bushes are all that is left of what used to be a magnificent park. The railway line was built alongside the river in the late 1800s and one of the railway company’s senior directors, Wilhelm Berg, fell in love with this spot overlooking the railway and river. He had a splendid two-storey mansion built in the National Romantic style on an eight-metre-high stone wall. The mansion was called “Arlavillan”, but changed over time to today’s “Alevillan”. He created a park with exotic plants and had a private railway platform built so that he could conveniently travel to work in Gothenburg. Timber for the house and topsoil for the garden were transported by rail to his private platform. In those days, the mansion commanded magnificent views along the river and railway as there were no trees or vegetation around it. As you stroll along the edge of the river towards Älvängen, you’ll see that the river and railway are busy routes and you’ll hear no noise from the motorway. If you’re lucky, a marsh harrier will be hunting over the meadows and a white-tailed eagle will be resting in a tree or flying along the river. Other less common birds such as the yellow wagtail, whinchat, common snipe and linnet nest in the meadows along the river. The yellow marsh ragwort is a common plant here and is regarded as a weed, although it is rare elsewhere in Sweden.

Senast uppdaterad: 23 January, 2015