Lödöse – Lilla Edet

Lödöse was Sweden’s first seaport to the west and Gothenburg’s predecessor. Lödöse Museum’s fine exhibits chronicle the history of this important medieval town. Gårda stream, Lödöse mill and Valla-Maria’s cottage are other places of interest in Lödöse. The trail from Lödöse to Vänersborg starts at the Museum and continues along the streets S:ta Marias väg, S:ta Birgittas gata and Danska vägen around Spetalsberget hill towards Tunge church. There are several magnificent vantage points from the hill. Find out more in the detailed accounts of Lödöse, Lödöse shipyard and Thorskog, Christ’s Thorn and Bishop Brynolf and Tingberg Hill – the execution site.

After rounding Spetalsberget hill, we follow the old church road through Garn to Tunge church. Just before Tunge, the trail crosses the new motorway, then after Tunge continues on smaller roads to Göta before climbing “Pengeliden” and following Gamla Götavägen to Lilla Edet. It recrosses the motorway before we reach Lilla Edet, then takes us past Fuxerna church, parish hall, the salmon fishing area, Sweden’s oldest lock and the picturesque lock area. Lilla Edet town centre has a good range of shops and services. Find out more in the detailed accounts of Tunge church, Haneström Manor – Industrial Göta, Lilla Edet and Fuxerna church.

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