Jennylund – Nol

Just before you get to Jennylund you cross a narrow bog, where there used to be a bridge, known as the “Danish bridge” (1). This was because it was on the old smug-gling route that went around the Danish-Norwegian enclave “Skårdal’s skate”.  Ale Arena at Jennylund is an indoor ice rink, open from October to March. Maybe not so interesting if you’re hiking. You may be more interested in horse riding at the centre next to the arena. Further along the trail, you’ll pass a former zoo, which still has some animals. A rare flowering plant, fodder galega, has become established at (2). Look out for it on the right-hand side of the road. The road you’re walking along is part of a commendable local project aimed at creating safe paths for horse riders in the area. If you feel like a dip, Stora Mettjärn is one of You’ll soon reach the highest point of this stretch of the trail. It’s well worth making a detour to the vantage point, 100 metres to the right, to gaze across Vättlefjäll. The unobstructed views from this rocky point are due in large to two major forest fires. The first occurred in 1984 and then more recently in 2009. Further on (3), a protected area has been set aside through a conservation agreement in order to scientifically study the consequences of the fire. The strong dam at (4) used to dam up the whole of the large marsh up to lake Nödsjön and created a huge water reservoir that was used by two mills downstream (5). All that remains of these mills today are a number of millstones in and along the banks of the stream.

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